About us

Back in the ’70 Tele-Breva was an installer of antennas and communication systems. By giving quality and good service, Tele-Breva was building an important and loyal customer base into the construction market. This was particulary in public and non- profit services, in industrial and facility enterprises. Looking for a new challenge, the fast growing security market and the lack of system integrators led to the current activity.

Quality, innovation and service are the values which allowed the company to take an important place into a market segment where confidence, modesty and reliability are standing in front.

As a system integrator Tele-Breva is specialized in customized assemblies of very different security and communication systems. We are focused on projects for public services and projects for industry. Quality, integration and IP technology are the values we stand for. For the techniques IP camera surveillance, PLC and surveillance systems, acces control, biometrics, cell and service intercom, public address, congress, fire and burglary detection, we work together with several leading partners.

Tele-Breva deliveres a total service of audit, study and price offering until installation and service.

Tele-Breva is your partner in integration.

A passion for IP